Hunting the species

White Bearded Gnu

An iconic African game animal that many mistake for a bovine but is in fact an antelope. The Gnu’s large body with massive shoulders that are slightly higher than the disproportionately slender hindquarters give it that bovine appearance. The legs are slim, the head is large, with a long face and a large muzzle. There is a yellowish-white beard on the throat and a long mane on the neck and shoulders that is mostly. The horns extend laterally, then curve upward and inward. 

Known for keen eyesight and sense of smell, the hunters must be aware of conditions when making an approach.  Safari style hunting is most productive, driving until the herd is located then moving downwind into position to start a stalk.  Blinds can be utilized by hunters who have difficulty walking as the Gnu’s will water on a daily basis.

The rifle choice should be 30 caliber and larger as these sturdy framed antelope are historically known to be tough.


East Africa


Shoulder Height: 50-55 inches
Weight: 500-550 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round

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