Hunting the species

Hybrid Ibex

Hybrid Ibex is a cross between a Bezoar Ibex and the Spanish goat that has escaped into the wild. A great variety of color variations as well as physical characteristics. Horns are scimitar-shaped. Social herd animals. Females and young in good-sized herds tend to remain in the same area. Old males will separarte into groups of 3-4, and may wander considerable distances, especially during the rut.

The Ibex can be very wary, and shots will range from 125-250 yards. The Spot and stalk method will be used along with sturdy shooting sticks to be certain of a steady shot. Hunting from blinds will be utilized if need as the Ibex can be observed in feeding areas. The rifle choice should be flat shooting and of 7mm caliber upwards as these goats can be tough. Bowhunters will find that hunting from a blind will be the most successful method, but spot and stalk can be attempted.




Shoulder Height: 30-34 inches
Weight: 225-275 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round with the rut taking place in the Fall

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