Hunting the species

Axis Deer

A beautiful medium-sized deer, slender and graceful. The coat is a bright reddish fawn covered with permanent white spots. Axis deer antlers are long and beautifully lyre-shaped, and typically have three points to a side-the main beam plus two tines. A very strong brow tine grows close to the burr and a comparatively weak inner top grows on the inside of the beam to form a forward-facing terminal fork known as the Caudal tine. Breeding can take place year-round, so that there are some stags with hard antlers at all seasons. Rutting stags emit loud, harsh bellows, and fight frequently and furiously for females.

Axis deer are very elusive and can become nocturnal if over pressured.  As with most all mammals, the rut is the best time to hunt mature males as activity will be at its highest.  Pre and post rut can also be productive by hunting over food plots and open areas where the Axis like to graze.  We will utilize elevated blinds as the best observation point but also will hunt Safari style with our Top Drive hunting vehicle.  Once a suitable male or group are located, and the wind direction assessed a stalk can be made.  For the bowhunter, either ground blinds or elevated blinds at food plots or trails will be utilized.

A rifle in the 30 caliber plus with good optics is best as the Axis is a stoutly built deer.  The venison is some of the most prized in Texas, so we make certain a clean shot is presented when hunting Axis deer. 




Shoulder Height: 35-36 inches
Weight: 180-200 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round with the rut generally occurring in June/July

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