Hunting the species


The Addax is a medium-sized antelope of stocky build, with long, spiral horns. Overall color is a sandy gray with white underparts and legs. Addax are typically a herd animal but post mature males can be found alone or in bachelor groups when they are displaced by younger more virile breeders. Originating from the deserts of North Africa, the Addax have adapted to the South Texas brush country amazingly well.

The method of hunting will typically be spot and stalk or Safari style until the bulls are located, and a stalk ensues. Possessing keen eyesight and hearing, careful consideration of the wind must be taken into account as well as being camouflaged for the final approach. For those hunters unable to pursue on foot, hunting from blinds is a productive alternative. A flat shooting rifle in the 6MM to 30 caliber plus range with good optics is needed. Bowhunting the Addax will involve careful stalking as the Addax does not regularly visit water holes and can in fact go for long periods without drinking.




Shoulder Height: 37-45 inches
Weight: 250-300 pounds

Hunting Season

Year round

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