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Corsican AKA Hybrid Sheep

The coloration of hybrid sheep varies with the population and may be white, brown, and black and in some cases is multicolored in a variety of patterns. The male’s horns are massive, with a broad frontal surface, and grow in outward spiral for one or two complete curls. These are domestic sheep living in the wild, either from escapes or releases from confinement.  The predominant hybrid being the European Mouflon crossed with Barbado, Rambouillet and other domestic sheep.  We are please to have a unique Hybrid at the Reserve Ranch comprised of European Mouflon and Gobi Argali known as the Stumberg Sheep crossed with a Trans Caspian Urial.  These beautiful, medium/large rams have a unique look and make impressive trophies.

They have adapted to the South Texas brush country very well and utilize the dense cover to hide from predators.  Hunting will take place from blinds over food plots and water holes The Spot and stalk method can work as well with most of the Hybrid Sheep.  Larger in size to the European Mouflon, rifles from the 6MM upward calibers can be used.  Bowhunters will find success at strategically placed blinds, but stalking is certainly an option.


North America


Shoulder Height: 27-31 inches
Weight: 100-225 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round

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