Hunting the species

Transcaspian Urial

A large, bright-colored, very handsome Urial, the horns are rather long and homonymous, growing in a tight circle or forming an open spiral. The frontal horn surface is flat, with sharp angles and distinct ridges, triangular in cross section. Urial sheep are primarily diurnal, and forage for most of the day. They move within a range, but they do not maintain territories. Older rams form separate groups where the members are all male. Herds maintain a social structure where dominance is based on an animal’s body size. These relationships are evident, particularly in ram herds, with dominance being based largely on horn size: the bigger the horns, the higher up the ranking is the individual

A most coveted Wild Sheep, they are not huntable in their native ranges at this time, so Texas is the most solid option with the Reserve Ranch being your first choice.  Our bloodline is pure and from World Record Class genetics, thus we are able to offer the trophy of a lifetime. 

Hunting will be by Spot and stalk, blinds and Safari Style.  The Urials are known to be wild and flighty so a variety of methods must be employed to ensure success.  Rifles in the 7mm and larger caliber with good optics should be used.  Depending on the particular hunting method being undertaken, bipods and shooting sticks will be provided to assist the hunter with making a successful shot.




Shoulder Height: Up to 39 inches
Weight: Up to 200 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round

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