Exotic Wildlife


The Addax is a medium-sized antelope of stocky build, with long, spiral horns.

Aoudad Sheep

The Aoudad is a medium-sized mountain animal that is biologically intermediate between a goat and a sheep.

Armenian Mouflon

A graceful sheep with relatively long, slender legs.

Axis Deer

A beautiful medium-sized deer, slender and graceful.

Blackbuck Antelope

A slender, graceful and handsome antelope with contrasting dark-and-white coloration.

Catalina Goat

Named for Catalina Island off the coast of California, these goats are the descendants of Spanish Goat brought the island while exploring the Americas.

Common Lechwe

A medium-sized antelope with a rather short muzzle and hindquarters that are somewhat higher than the shoulders.


The coloration of hybrid sheep varies with the population and may be white, brown, and black and in some cases is multicolored in a variety of patterns.

Dybowski Sika Deer

The summer coat is a rich chestnut-red with numerous white spots and a black dorsal line.

European Mouflon

One of the world’s smallest and most handsome wild sheep, the male’s horns usually grow in a tight circle, with the tips turned inward toward the face.

Fallow Deer

Medium-sized, with more color variations than any other deer such as White, Spotted, Grey and Brown.


One of the African Continents most prized trophies, the Gemsbok poses an unmistakable presence with his large, blocky body and striking black-and-white facial markings.

Hawaiian Black Sheep

Hybridization has created a variety of color phases and horn shape and sizes, but the Hawaiian Black Sheep is typically all black.

Hybrid Ibex

Hybrid Ibex is a cross between a Bezoar Ibex and the Spanish goat that has escaped into the wild.

Iranian Red Sheep

General color is light brown or tan, with individuals varying from very light grayish-brown to light reddish-brown.

Multi Horned Sheep

Believed to be the oldest living specie of sheep, a breed of short tailed, woolly sheep, known since biblical times.

Red Deer

The Principal specie at the Reserve Ranch, this large, handsome deer sports sweeping main beams and can have 18-40 plus points.

Transcaspian Urial

A large, bright-colored, very handsome Urial, the horns are rather long and homonymous, growing in a tight circle or forming an open spiral.

Whitetail Deer

South Texas is synonymous for trophy white-tailed deer.

White Bearded Gnu

An iconic African game animal that many mistake for a bovine but is in fact an antelope.

Nubian Ibex

Native to North Africa and the Middle East, this one of the most handsome specie if Ibex is a much sought-after trophy.

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