Hunting the species

Dybowski Sika Deer

The summer coat is a rich chestnut-red with numerous white spots and a black dorsal line. Typical antlers have four points to a side (main beam plus three tines), with a strong brow tine growing close to the burr. Unlike its smaller Japanese cousin, the Dybowski Sika will have main beams in excess of 26” and trophies over 30” are not uncommon. Male Sika are very noisy and aggressive during the rut, fighting each other-sometimes with serious consequences-to establish dominance. The stag’s roar starts as a high-pitched scream and often ends with a sound much like the “hee-haw” of a donkey. The rut occurs September to October.

Hunting tactics utilized will be similar to the other deer species and methods will range from spot and stalk to Safari style along with hunting from blinds overlooking feeding areas. Bowhunters can enjoy stalking through the brush motts with the wind in their favor to approach for a shot.

Rifles in the 7MM caliber and larger are best for these well built deer. Shots will be from 75-200 yards and a sturdy set of shooting sticks will be used to assist the hunter with making a successful shot.




Shoulder Height: 35-38 inches
Weight: 180-220 pounds

Hunting Season

September to March

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