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Hawaiian Black Sheep

Hybridization has created a variety of color phases and horn shape and sizes, but the Hawaiian Black Sheep is typically all black. Hawaiian black carries spectacular horns that curl downward and outward, sometimes growing more than 36 inches in length. The horns are typically a clear, almost milky color and massive. The Black Hawaiian is primarily a browser, eating a variety of weeds and occasionally grasses. During the summer months the sheep will water daily and during the cooler months they may go up to three days without watering. They have poor eyesight and bunch up as their primary defense. At maturity, breeding dominance is established by physical contact of butting heads.

One of the four sheep in the Texas Slam which consists of the European Mouflon, Corsican, Hawaiian Black and Texas Dall, these trophy rams are sought after by hunters who wish to complete the Slam.

Consistent with the Multi Horn Sheep and not particularly wary, they lend themselves to Spot and stalk hunting, but blinds can be utilized for hunters unable to walk.  Rifles in the 6mm caliber and upwards are ample for hunting the Hawaiian Black Sheep.


North America


Shoulder Height: 28-30 inches
Weight: 100-160 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round

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