Hunting the species

Common Lechwe

A medium-sized antelope with a rather short muzzle and hindquarters that are somewhat higher than the shoulders. The rather long, rough coat varies from bright chestnut-red to brownish in overall color. The horns are long, ringed, forming a double or S-shaped curve. Excellent swimmers though unable to run fast on dry land, they take refuge in shallow water. The Lechwe have adapted well to the South Texas Brush country and utilize the dense foliage of the habitat to elude hunters. 

Like most of the antelope species, the method of hunting will typically be Safari style until the bulls are located and a stalk ensues.  Possessing keen eyesight and hearing, careful consideration of the wind must be taken into account as well as being camouflaged for the final approach.  The Lechwe are known to be “elusive” much like a Whitetail Deer so the hunter must be ready for the shot when it presents itself.  We prefer the use of stable, shooting sticks while hunting afoot as the Brush Country of South Texas does not always lend itself for a steady rest. For those hunters unable to pursue on foot, hunting from blinds is a productive alternative.  Flat shooting rifles in the 6MM to 30 caliber range with good optics are in order.  The shots can range from 75 to 200 yards.  For the bowhunter, blinds can be set near waterholes for excellent results.




Shoulder Height: 39-44 inches
Weight: 200-280 pounds

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Year Round

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