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Aoudad Sheep

The Aoudad is a medium-sized mountain animal that is biologically intermediate between a goat and a sheep. It is strongly built, with a short mane on neck and shoulders and long flowing hair on throat, chest, forelegs and tail. The horns are sheep-like, being smooth, thick, triangular in section, and curved to form a semi-circle over the neck. The Aoudad usually lives in small family groups with an adult male. Breeds mainly from September to November, but there is some activity throughout the year. Captive Aoudad have lived as long as 20 years.

The sturdiest Wild Sheep you will find on the Reserve Ranch, we suggest rifles in the 30 caliber plus range with good optics. Hunting will be Spot and stalk, over food plots and from Blinds. Shots will range from 100 to 200 yards and a solid, anchoring shot is necessary. Bowhunting is possible with blind setups being the first choice as Spot and stalk with a bow can be difficult due to the wariness of the Aoudad.


North Africa


Shoulder Height: 36-40 inches
Weight: 200-250 pounds

Hunting Season

Year round

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