Hunting the species

Iranian Red Sheep

General color is light brown or tan, with individuals varying from very light grayish-brown to light reddish-brown. Horns are predominantly supracervical, curving above and behind the neck. The Iranian Red sheep is considered extremely skittish, but due to their surefootedness on the rocky terrain and their exceptional senses, they tend to monitor the areas around their herd for sounds and smells. 

Hunting will be by Spot and stalk along with hunting from blinds.  The Top Drive hunting vehicle added in if extra mobility is needed.  The rams will come to feed, and many times are located in food plots or open areas grazing.  For Bowhunters, Wild Sheep always pose a challenge so blinds are the first choice, but spot and stalk methods can be utilized as well. 

Consistent with other wild sheep on the Reserve Ranch, rifles from the 6MM upward calibers can be used.  Not to discount the toughness of any wild sheep, they do tend to go down with a well placed shot.




Shoulder Height: 29-32 inches
Weight: 110 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round

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