Hunting the species

European Mouflon

One of the world’s smallest and most handsome wild sheep, the male’s horns usually grow in a tight circle, with the tips turned inward toward the face and broomed back to about a three-quarter curl. The Mouflon is normally a shy animal that come to forage mostly in the evening or early morning. They would also not stay at one place for long. During the day, they usually rest under overhanging bush or rocks, making sure they are well hidden so as to stay safe from the sudden attack of predators. 

Hunting Sheep is always a challenge as their senses are sharp.  Spot and stalk will be attempted with hunting from blinds and the Top Drive hunting vehicle added in when needed.  The rams will come to feed, and many times are located in food plots or open areas grazing.  For Bowhunters, Wild Sheep always pose a challenge so blinds are the first choice, but spot and stalk methods can be utilized as well.

Not known to be particularly sturdy, rifles from the 6MM upward calibers can be used.  Don’t discount the toughness of any wild sheep, however they do tend to go down easily with a well placed shot.




Shoulder Height: 26-30 inches
Weight: 70-100 pounds

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Year Round

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