Hunting the species

Armenian Mouflon

A graceful sheep with relatively long, slender legs. General color is reddish-tan with a narrow, grayish-white saddle patch and to the untrained eye could be mistaken for the Iranian Red Sheep. Horns are supracervical, curving above and behind the neck. The Armenian Mouflon is normally a shy animal that come out for foraging mostly in the evening or early morning. During the day, they usually rest under overhanging bush or trees making sure they are well hidden so as to stay safe from the sudden attack of predators.

They have adapted to the South Texas brush country very well and utilize the dense cover to hide from predators. Hunting will take place from blinds over food plots and water holes The Spot and stalk method can work as well, but the Armenian Mouflon like the Aoudad are very wary. Similar in size to the European Mouflon, rifles from the 6MM upward calibers can be used. Bowhunters will find success at strategically placed blinds, but stalking is certainly an option.




Shoulder Height: 28-32 inches
Weight: 100-140 pounds

Hunting Season

Year Round with the rut taking place in the Fall

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