Reserve ranch

Rates & FEES

Minimum hunters:

Big Game: No Minimum
Turkey and Quail: 2

Maximum hunters:

Dove: 20
Quail-Upland: 12
Big Game: 10


Single Occupancy: $500/day
Double Occupancy: $425/day

Single Occupancy: $250/day
Double Occupancy: $175/day

*Includes luxury accommodation, gourmet meals and open bar. Trophy fees not included.


(Per trip / per vehicle)

Uvalde Airport: No charge
San Antonio Airport: $200.00
Groups over 6: Price by request

Meat Processing

Big Game: No handling charge | Market Cost


Mounts and Shipping: Market Cost

General Information

  •  Deposit for whitetail, dove, and turkey hunts is 50% of the Basic Hunt Cost. Deposit for the quail and exotic hunts is 50% of the daily rates. Balance due upon arrival at the ranch. All monies received are non-refundable but can be carried forward. Cash, Credit Cards and Corporate Checks only for balance due at ranch. No personal checks accepted without prior approval.
  • Confirmation, arrival times, travel and other information will be verified after receipt of deposit.
  • All hunting vehicles are radio-equipped for contact during hunts.
  • All Upland Bird hunting is open breech, double barrel shotguns for safety purposes.
  • Reserve Ranch enforces strict hunting safety rules and all game laws strictly observed.
  • Hunting licenses are required for all hunters.
  • Shotguns (12- and 20-guage) and rifles are available for rent.
  • A signed liability release form is required.
  • All prices are subject to change without notice.

Interested in hunting at reserve ranch?

Red Stag Hunts

The Pinnacle of hunts offered at the Reserve Ranch, a large multi-tined stag is the trophy of a lifetime and a sight to behold. Through a strategic relationship and years of breeding from some of the top bloodlines in the world, we are now offering World Class Red Deer hunting in Texas. Imagine hunting the wild, rugged beauty of South Texas for the best Red Stag in North America an hour and a half from the San Antonio International Airport. Hunting is conducted utilizing a variety of methods such as spot and stalk, from blinds and Safari Style. A limited number of stag hunts are available annually for trophies with SCI scores of 350” to 600”+ therefore an early booking is essential.


Three days of hunting on the Reserve Ranch with the exclusive services of a Professional Guide per-hunter, gourmet meals and luxury accommodations provided in our Hacienda during the hunt. Field preparation of the trophies and delivery to a meat processor and taxidermist. The guide will assist you in assessing the quality of the trophy taken prior to harvest. Due to the nature of this hunt and outstanding quality of the trophies taken, the price is not fixed.

Trophy Fees

SCI Gold Medal Stag (300-349 points): $9,500.00

Tier 1 Red Stag (SCI Score of 350-399): $12,500.00

Tier 2 Red Stag (SCI Score of 400-450): $18,500.00

Tier 3 Red Stag (SCI Score of 451-499): $24,500.00

Tier 4 Red Stag (SCI Score of 500-550): $32,500.00

Premium Echelon Stag 551 to Potential World Record: Price on Request

Whitetail Hunts

Includes three (3) days of hunting for one (1) mature whitetail buck up to 140 points Boone & Crockett gross. A trophy fee will be charged on any buck taken over 140 points Boone & Crockett gross (see below). One doe with each buck is free of charge, each additional doe is $250.00. A management buck (guides choice) may be taken in addition to the trophy for $1750.00. The exclusive service of one-guide-per-hunter, gourmet meals, open bar and luxury accommodations provided on the ranch during the hunt, skinning, caping and field preparation of the trophies. The hunting will be conducted from blinds, Safari Style, Stalking and the Texas Tradition of “Horn Rattling.” Each client will be accompanied by a competent guide to assess the quality of the trophy taken before the harvest.

$3,750.00 plus trophy fee as listed below


Additional Hunting Days

$500 per hunter per day

Trophy Fees*

Gross B&C
Price to Hunter










$7,250.00 plus $100 per inch over 180


$9,250.00 plus $125 per inch over 200

250 plus

Price on Request

*Please note these fees are based on gross Boone & Crockett score at the time of harvest.

  • Quail hunting over pointers can be added to a whitetail hunt for $900.00 person per half day with a 2 man minimum.


Quail, Chukar and Pheasant Hunts

  • $1850.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/2 hunter minimum
  • $1750.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/4 hunter per vehicle

Pheasant Hunts

  • $1500.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/2 hunter minimum
  • $1400.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/4 hunter per vehicle

Quail Hunts Over Pointers

  • $1250.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/3 hunter minimum
  • $1100.00 per hunter per day – 2-day minimum/4 hunter per vehicle

Dove Hunts

  • $2500.00 per hunter – 2-day/2 night 8 hunter minimum
  • 4 hunts hunting over grain fields, flyways and water holes

Turkey Hunts

  • $2500.00 per hunter – 2-day/2 night hunt includes meals, lodging, guide and 2 birds

Additional Game Options

Additional quail released: $10.00 each
Chukar released:
$20.00 each
Pheasant released:
$35.00 each
Turkey, gobbler:
$750.00 each
Meat Hogs:
$150.00 each
Trophy Hogs (
2”+ teeth and/or 200 lbs+): $750.00 each
Javelina: $1,000.00 each
No charge
$1,000.00 each

Aoudad: $4,750.00
European Mouflon: $4,000.00
Iranian Red Sheep: $4,500.00
Armenian Mouflon: $4,500.00
Texas Dall: $2,500.00
Hawaiian Black: $2,500.00
Corsican: $1,750.00
Stumberg/Urial: $4,500.00
Trans Caspian Urial: $9,500.00

Sable: $25,000.00
White Bearded Gnu: $8,000.00
Blackbuck: $4,000.00
Scimitar Oryx: $6,500.00
Addax: $8,500.00
Dama Gazelle: $10,000.00
Eland: $10,000.00
Gemsbok: $9,000.00

Hybrid Ibex: $4,500.00
Catalina: $1,750.00
Nubian Ibex: $12,000.00

Yak: $5,000.00
Water Buffalo: $6,500.00
American Bison: $7,500.00

Axis: 33” and under $5000 over 33” $6500
Sika-Japanese: $2,500.00
Sika-Dybowski: $6,500.00
Pere David’s: $8,500.00
Fallow: $6,500.00


My guests and I thoroughly enjoyed the hunting experience at the Reserve Ranch. The game offered is of such quality to compliment any exotic operation in Texas. Congratulations on owning and operating the Top Exotic Hunting Ranch in Texas!


I want to thank you and your staff again for a wonderful season – we got our money’s worth.

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