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Whitetail Deer

South Texas is synonymous for trophy white-tailed deer.  Observing the slick, gray coated deer in its graceful, fluid movements meandering in and out of the brush is a memorable experience.  The medium-sized deer with a long slender neck, a narrow face, fairly large ears, and long slim racehorse like legs. Typical antlers will have several short, unbranched tines that grow up from the top of each beam. The whitetail lives in small groups of 2-3, typically a doe and her offspring or several young males in loose association. Trophy bucks are solitary except during the rut. Mostly active during early morning and evening, but feeds almost continually in winter if undisturbed. Hearing and eyesight are good, sense of smell is excellent, and they are exceptionally wary and alert. When alarmed, may stomp its front hoofs and snort before bounding off with tail erect, exposing the white underside. Very quick on its feet, bounding in long leaps, changing direction often and ducking and weaving.

The Reserve Ranch is strategically located in the “Golden Triangle” of South Texas. This region is proven to consistently produce some of finest Whitetail trophies taken annually. This iconic game animal is hunted from blinds overlooking food plots or Senderos, Safari style and by rattling horns during the rut. The latter being the most exciting way to hunt the Whitetail deer, the guide will strategically pick a location and slip into the area as quietly as possible.  Then, after a period of waiting in silence, looking and listening the guide will begin to rattle the horns together to simulate two bucks fighting.  The dominant buck of the area will come to the sound to investigate what the battle is all about.  There is a small window of time that rattling works but with our outstanding management the buck to doe ratio is 1 to 1 so the competition for does strong.  We will utilize bipods for hunters sitting and shooting sticks when standing to assist the hunter with making a steady shot.

Most hunters will use rifles in the 6mm to 30 caliber range, but we prefer 30’s and upward due to the dense brush cover the bucks inhabit. Bowhunters will hunt from blinds but can certainly test their nerves during the rut with a rattle hunt!


North America


Shoulder Height: 36-40 inches
Weight: 150-220 pounds

Hunting Season

October – February

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