Hunting the species

Fallow Deer

Medium-sized, with more color variations than any other deer such as White, Spotted, Grey and Brown. Known for its antlers that are well-palmated at the top, with a number of tines coming off the rear edge of the palmation, these handsome deer are prized by many hunters. Males establish small territories during the rut, when they bellow and grunt and do a good deal of fighting while gathering harems. Diurnal, with most activity early and late in the day. Essentially a grazer, but also browses shrubs and trees. The Fallow deer adapt incredibly well thus their success being introduced all over the world. They utilize the high protein South Texas brush as their browse which enables them to grow incredible antlers. Their vision, hearing and sense of smell are good so as with most all deer species must be carefully approached. When alarmed, gives a short “bark” and runs off with stiff-legged bounces that serve as a warning. Not as wary or shy as most other deer.

Hunting methods will range from spot and stalk to Safari style along with hunting from blinds overlooking feeding areas. Bowhunters can enjoy stalking through the brush motts with the wind in their favor to approach for a shot.

Rifles in the 7mm and larger caliber with good optics are recommended.




Shoulder Height: 36-43 inches
Weight: 180-250 pounds

Hunting Season

September – March with the rut taking place in the Fall

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